10 AHA! Moments from Experts Academy

May 10, 2013 by  
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Hey friends, I’m getting on board with the video movement started by John Cummings and followed through by Crystal Wells – you ROCK, guys.  You know, I have a little acronym I challenge my clients with after a seminar.  I call it G U T  S – which means “Go Use This Stuff!!!!”  Well, yikes, […]

Do You Have the Balls for Transformational Leadership?

Please excuse the rather rude title regarding transformational leadership… but do you?  I often speak with executives and their teams who say they want to transform their business. but at the first hint of taking any transformational leadership actions, what I hear is “that’s not the way it works in our industry/company/division…” etc..   But isn’t transformational […]

How Often Do You Achieve an ROI From Your Strategic Planning Facilitation Sessions?

When you invest in a strategic planning facilitation schedule, do you achieve any ROI? I was speaking with an accomplished CEO last week who’s running a very solid business – good margins, talented people, some A-list customers.  And he wants to grow the business further.  And he’s just completed a strategic planning faciliation, but acknowledged that […]

When Did You Last Give Your Business A Profitability Assessment?

February 21, 2011 by  
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Take the Profitability Assessment and Find Out Are you as profitable as you could be?  How do you know?  Almost every business leader I know wants their business to be more profitable.  But often times I hear “we’ve already done a lot of good things – I don’t know what else to do”.  So I’ve […]

3 Winning Marketing and Business Growth Strategies for 2011

February 21, 2011 by  
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Winning Marketing and Business Growth Strategies for 2011 Every motivated business leader should have 3 Critical Resolutions on their to do list. I’ll share one of 3 winning marketing and business growth strategies here… please visit my Free Resources page for winning marketing and business growth strategies #1 and #3. New Year’s Resolution #2: Action […]

Transformational Leadership in Action: Porter’s “Creating Shared Value”

February 21, 2011 by  
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Landmark article reveals compelling vision of creating shared value; the Legendary Value Cycle provides the roadmap. Creating Shared Value by Michael Porter and Mark Kramer in the January 2011 Harvard Business Review is recommended reading for any motivated business leader who is committed to transformational leadership.  Essentially, Porter & Kramer’s argument is that creating shared value has the power to […]

Halting the Downward Spiral

November 1, 2010 by  
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Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. Salespeople are trained to create those emotions in the minds of their buyers, to increase the “pain point” and spur the buyer to do something about it – namely, to buy the solution being proposed by the seller. But fear, uncertainty, and doubt are never good things in the minds of your […]

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