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Welcome, I’m glad you’re here!

The fact that you’ve chosen to check out this page tells me that you want to find the Profit in Plain Sight that’s buried in your business. When you participated in the Profitability Seminar, you saw where you have challenges… and more importantly, where you have opportunities.


One attendee who really grabbed the bit in her teeth achieved a 95% increase in her bottom line in less than one year. Others have reported increases of 10-50% almost immediately, although they’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg.


What actions have YOU taken since the Seminar?

• Did you get distracted by other priorities?
• Are you a bit overwhelmed, not certain how or where to get started?
• Are you time-starved and too busy?
• Are you committed to improving your bottom line but needing a gentle push to do it now rather than “sometime”?

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, you’re in the right place for me to help you achieve real bottom line impact… in about the same amount of time you’re spending on email now.

What’s more important to your business – managing email or managing profitability?

You may be spending as little as 15 minutes a day on email (although most execs report its more like 2 hours). Imagine just what focusing 75 minutes a week (or more) on Profitability could do for your business. I’m not saying you have to choose. I’m just saying… its doable.

Now, imagine yourself with a small in-house team of some of your high performers, ALL focusing that manageable, doable time on implementing a clear plan of action to increase your bottom line.

Would you start to see some shifts and progress pretty quickly? You better believe it!

I recommend you get started with “The 5Rs of Managing Customer Profitability”: Retain, Restore, Ramp Up, Regain and Reactivate

Although there are over 60 Profitability Accelerators in the full Profit in Plain Sight System, you don’t have to tackle them all to see substantial impact. Just focusing on these five has been proven to generate profit increases of 135% to a 205% in a relatively short period of time (how quickly you see results depends on your level of effort and sales cycle, of course).

How to Eat the Elephant one Bite at a Time

You’ll achieve your profit goals using bite-sized online learning modules to implement practical “hows”, not pie-in-the-sky “shoulds” . Detailed instructions help you and your team eat the elephant one bite at a time, on whatever timeline works with your existing commitments… although of course I’ll have some recommendations on the best way to get results more quickly!
You and your team receive unlimited online access to me – I’ll be there every step of the way to help keep you on track, answer questions, and get you unstuck if you bog down.
And of course, the program comes with a no-risk -iron-clad satisfaction guarantee.

Need details? Here’s how the 5Rs deliver bottom line results:

  1. Retain your most profitable customers by getting inside their heads, knowing exactly where you stand, and more importantly, identifying opportunities to better serve their needs in ways that are hard for your competition to copy. Would you sleep a bit better knowing who’s loyal, and who’s about to jump ship… before they ever leave?
  2. Restore your unprofitable customers to breakeven or exit them gracefully. These “vampire” customers suck the lifeblood right out of your business. Use the tools I’ll give you to determine who’s actually worth keeping… who’s not… what its going to take to stop the bleeding… and how to make it happen. This process is easier than you think when its tackled the right way. However, I’ll give you several approaches to exit the true vampires gracefully when all else fails.
  3. Ramp up your marginally profitable customers to make a big difference to your bottom line. This is your equivalent of the “do you want fries with that” strategy… you don’t have to go crazy developing new products or services, you just need to understand exactly how to serve them better by helping them do more business – profitable business – with you.
  4. Regain your lost customers and hit a home run. You have about twice as much chance of bringing a lost customer back as of closing new business – why not start with the low hanging fruit? Regaining customers offers two other benefits: crucial insight into retaining customers longer, and improving close ratios for new sales. Are your bases loaded?
  5. Reactivate your “sleeping but not dead” customers and have some fun while you’re doing it. We all have customers who’ve gone quiet – we don’t know if they’re dead or just sleeping, but we sure know we’re not doing the business we used to… and yet we’re probably still spending good money to market to them. There are some great little reactivation techniques that I think you and your team will enjoy.

What’s the investment?

  • Time: You need to be able to commit at least 75 minutes per week on a fairly regular basis to build momentum and make it happen. If that’s not a commitment you can make, you’ll have to resign yourself to “profits as usual”.

    To make that decision, ask yourself: can I really justify the time I spend on email yet not make the time to capture my Profit in Plain Sight opportunities?
  • Money: The Managing Customer Profitability Phase is $7500. Now, if you don’t think you’ll see a 10x or even 100x return as a result of implementing each of the five strategies outlined above, I would encourage you not to move forward.

    To make that decision, ask yourself: will Retaining just one customer for longer deliver at least $1000 back to our bottom line? Will we get at least $1000 as a result of Ramping up customers to do more business with us? Can we realize $1000 just by stopping the bleeding on unprofitable customers? Would bringing back even just one lost customer put $1000 on our bottom line? Could we boost sales and/or cut marketing expenses and see $1000 on the bottom line by reactivating our sleeping customers?

Your ROI will be determined by how broadly you implement throughout your customer base, and that’s up to you, based on what you and your team can commit to. You have access to the Managing Customer Profitability Modules as long as you need them, with no further investment required.

May is Excellence in Execution Month – decide to execute now, and I’ve got a special bonus for you.

If you’ve attended one of my seminars, you know that I don’t like discounts just for the sake of discounts. But I’m happy to provide a strategic incentive for you to get started on this now because I know we’re all well-intentioned but busy. Yet the calendar year is almost half over!!

If not now, when? This offer won’t be repeated this year, and this page will come down at the end of May.

Act now, and I will bonus you the two foundational modules that are essential to the entire Profit in Plain Sight System.

All it takes to get started is your decision to commit about the same amount of time to proactively managing Customer Profitability that you do on email each week.

I’ll look forward to helping you achieve your goals, every step of the way!

To Your Success,

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